Typically, framed home construction methods are used outside the metropolitan area where project home builders are not willing to go or on sites where the cost of earthworks make other methods of construction prohibitive.

Plantation timber and modern light weight steel are the materials of choice in framed home construction. Supported by Australian design standards and very proactive professional industry bodies you can be assured that either material will be suitable for your new home. The timber is sourced from sustainably managed Australian plantations and the steel is made from partially recycled material.

Ideal for the owner/ builder Eazyhomes will partially prefabricate the home (roof and wall frames) in your choice of material and deliver a kit home to site along with easy to follow instructions ready for you to erect. Alternatively, you can engage our carpenters to erect the home for you completing the home to whatever stage you want.

Framed home construction is ideal for sloping sites where earthworks make the cost of building on a concrete slab prohibitive. There is no need for expensive engineering, retaining walls, subsoil drainage or compacted fill. The elevated floor system, sometimes known as a pole home or framed floor system, can be constructed directly onto the site as is.

The timber industry recommends that all new Australian homes are protected from termite attack by using the right materials, construction methods and by regular inspection. Depending on the situation Eazyhomes will use ‘Bluepine’ as a minimum and CCA where the elements are more severe giving our clients complete peace of mind against termites and European borer.

For steel homes Eazyhomes use pregalvanised steel. All joins are fully welded and treated producing a very strong, termite resistant, true and lightweight product.

Either way, we know that you will be completely satisfied with Eazyhomes Australia to supply you with a kit or fully construct your home.