Over the many years we have been in business we have had a vast range of wonderful clients. Typically, our clients are either starting out and excited about moving into their own home or building their second/third home and seeking a more sedate and peaceful place to live. Whether you are an owner builder or looking for the builder to take care of everything for you we make it our business to ensure the project will "click into place". Common to all however is the idea that a great result means many things from start to finish just seem to "click into place".

Here are the things we see as important and provide;

  • Experience - The first and most important element of any wonderful home project. We are seasoned professionals in the business of frame homed construction. We bring a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to every project and every home often making the seemingly difficult project straightforward and simple. Our track record stands for itself and our past clients are a testimony to the end result. Our approach is to ensure that our clients are confident in our integrity, capability and attention to detail. Kit homes are our specialty.
  • Design Quality - Whether you choose one of our standard homes - which can modified - or have a custom design, our in-house drafting service staff are very committed to ensuring that your design will "click" through the complete process. Our approach is to spend the time to ensure that our clients are completely happy with the design; it's fit for purpose now and of course the flexibility to meet future changes.
  • Materials - We fabricate materials in our own factory to ensure that things "click together" well and quickly, often minimising any potential supply delays that often mar standard building projects. We used treated timber for timber framed homes which is resistant to white ants and European Borer) or hi quality steel. Having total control of quality at this stage ensures items "click" and

Comply to all relevant Australian Standards and manufacturer guarantees

  • Liveability - All of our homes must comply with government regulations regarding thermal assessments. Energy efficiency is always at the forefront of our approach to materials and design where possible.
  • Choose Your Involvement - Hands on or just waiting to move in? We are able to structure our service to meet the needs of owner builders or those simply wanting to "move in". You decide your involvement.
  • Flexibility of Materials? - We do have a standard specification; however we can also offer a range of alternative materials or products.
  • Speed - Given our experience, local knowledge and the prefabrication of much of the home, we can build a home to lock up within three months.
  • Affordability - we believe our homes represent excellent value for money.